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Copland Creative

Design Process


1. Discover.


We generally prefer to speak to you face to face or over the phone so that we can get all the correct project details from you. We'll want to know about you, where you're going, who your customers are, and what your expectations are. Then we'll draw up your design brief to make sure you get exactly what you want from us.

Research and Planning

2. Plan.

Research and Planning

Once we know a bit more about you and we've been given a brief, then that's a great starting point for building your brand. We can then research and plan the best marketing options for your business needs.

Creative Process

3. Create.

Conceptual Design & Artwork

This is our creative bit! We'll work with the brief you've given us to produce the conceptual designs that'll eventually be tweaked and turned into the final artwork files. This is the stage where you're most likely to find us consuming vast amounts of caffeine and sticking random scribbles and doodles over every available surface. Once we've produced a number of design possibilities, we'll present these back to you and discuss which options would work best.

4. Tweak.


Here you can be as critical as you like: we prefer that. We can then fine-tune our ideas to produce the final design. Feedback from you at this stage is vital. Only once you're happy with the overall shape of things do we get to work on finalising the artwork. We'll await final proofing of content and layout from you.


5. Deliver.


Once all the finishing touches have been made, proofreading has been done, and we've had sign-off from you, we can then move on to the production stage. We work with a range of printers who will then produce your final piece. At this stage we can discuss any other marketing possibilities you may wish to consider in the future to enhance the visibility of your business.

Production stage and delivery of project brief