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Copland Creative

Why Use Copland Creative

So why choose us?

1. Experience (How reassuring.)

We have over 10 years' experience in design and marketing, working with a diverse range of people from young start-ups to established companies, from artists and musicians to charities, and from customer-facing businesses to B2B corporate clients.

Project Management
2. Project Management (One team to do the whole lot - keeps it nice and simple!)

With us, you can expect to have your entire design project handled from brief definition to production and delivery by one dedicated team. Most of our design work is done in-house by us ourselves, and we'll regularly talk to you throughout your project to check you're happy along every step of the way. No confused lines. No crossed wires.

3. Expertise (We'll give your our honest opinion.)

We are a team of qualified, professional designers and we're here to help you build upon your business. We have a thorough knowledge of the printing process and will happily advise you on paper stock, ink, typography, printing techniques and sizes appropriate for your work. As designers we love a good critique - we review websites in our sleep. We will happily discuss your existing website with you to provide honest feedback before planning a sensible approach to developing your site.

4. Flexibility (A personal touch.)

We are a small friendly team offering a flexible design approach that is tailored towards your individual needs - we do our best to accommodate your individual requirements rather than selling you an off-the-shelf "package". We understand that your time is valuable and we're always happy to make arrangements to come to see you.

5. Detail (We're all about quality.)

They say the devil's in the detail. With us you can be assured of the highest standards of work so that you make the best possible impression on your customers. Quite frankly, we can be a bit pedantic. We like apostrophes and full stops in all the right places.

Competitive Pricing
6. Competitive Pricing (Nice and affordable.)

Our pricing structure is based on the time, skills and effort it takes to complete each individual project, so there is no tie-in to costly contracts for you. With us you get an honest, experienced service charged at competitive industry rates that represents value for money and a sensible return on investment for your business.